Wednesday, October 07, 2009

While waiting~

for them to call back... Im in dilemma on which phone to choose.

Hey my contract ends mid of nxt mth and i Juz realise bout it... No wonder lah, Starhub keeps sms-ing me the promos and all.. but Free$50 shopping voucher ape cerita sei... cheh.. nt worth at all.....!
Ape lagik.. AkaQ call up la Starhub and demand for ans!... ekh im soo nt like this u know... nih kes terdesak la kan sebab usually every contract ends, they will issue me at least $100 off for mobile or some $0 sembarangan hp or top-up a little bit more for the gd ones hp. and This year.. amciam tarak dpt tuh semua.... ape lagik... CALL sama dia...

Ok mayb u think im taking the advantage of the situation esp when they oredi lost the battle on EPL.. but waddaheck.. I am a hubber and I have the right to do this LOL... mcm real ajer bebual. I've been loyal; my broadband, my home-phone and my mobile all under Starhub!

and now..... I've seen a friend of mine got herself a BlackBerry. Cool la... hmmm now im contemplating whether to take that up or Samsung or even Nokia.... I've enuf of Sony Ericsson! bab iPhone akaQ tak mampu sebab nih darah takder darah Singtel kihkihkih......

for now tunggu ajer la ape Starhub nyer olang nak kata.. kalau dia kata NEHI ajer... meh aku ajar dia ek.. Im cancelling my contract la w/ u.. and sign up for Singtel.... ok tak threat mcm gtu LOL!!....

p/s: adengan ni semua mcm iye� orh belaka. kalau ada kene mengena pon, sendiri mau pikir!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Last Sunday 5 mins before class ends, my little young chinese girl vomitted in class. She had been complaining that she had tummy ache. I asked her umpteen times IF she wanted to head to the loo. She grunted a few times during the 1.5hrs of lessons and I was quite worried. But at times she was back to her cheerful self.

She became a merlion after that. Oh Boy...!! ugly scene i must say. I was caught off guard and I used my hand to save her gruesome vomits.. YESSSSSSSS i did that!! goodness.... then i quickly grab the wastepaper basket but it was too late larh. One of the boys was in the midst of vomitting and I told them to get out of the room. The boy who almost vomitted tried to push the door open. *slaps forehead* He did nt think straight at that point of time. His left foot was at the door and he tried to push the door open. Shudn't be pull the door, darling.... it was funny at that moment and I myself was bout to puke too.... I calmed myself and instructed him on how to open the door....

Now.... back to this girl. She puked out lots of eggs.. Yes.. i can see the eggs coming out fr her. Ist thing popped in my mind was McDonald's. She denied having McD for breakfast. Daddy had to cycled back home (thank goodness her home was nt that far) to pick up new clothes. While the cleaner cleaned and I washed wateva needed to be washed hehehe. I told her to sit on the chair, she was drenched I tell ya. I reassured her and talked to her, nt making her feel guilty. She was one of my best student yah. I pitied her. To make matters worst, we're having open hse in that centre. Lucky us that nt many parents came at that time.

I walked her to the toilet while waiting for Daddy to come. I changed her and Daddy said, let them clean her at home later on. The girl told me that Mummy fed her with lots of eggs. Now now mummies out there, pls don let ur child eat too much eggs lah. Later sakit perot sape susah! have bread or something. If possible don let ur child have those milk or orange juice, if nd too pls let them have a small portion.

Anyways, luckily my meet-ups w/ my frenz was later in the evening... else confirm I will go home and chg again coz I don think I smell that nice after wat had happen hahaha..~~..

Lemme present to u my F1 racer - Lisa Anne or in short Lislis. When she walks with the assist of her F1 Walker, (it's juz a walker hahah) she drives it in gear 5. In short, u can feel it like 200km/h; which is that fasssssst and furious coz she main langgar lari ajer hahaha.. abis semua barang rumah dia langgar. Tt's y i opt to have minimal furniture at home. Kids being kids whenever she sees me at the door, she'll zoom towards me and asks me to carry her. If ignored, she'll throw tantrum and cried all her might. But Ayah Mimi ever told me,"... but dgn I dia tak mcm gtu tauww" hahhaaha... Look honey, I am her mother, of coz dia kejar Mak dia kan kehkehkeh no offence to Daddies out there but Mommies will come 1st.

Lisa Anne (cybername only la) Anne = N = Nabilah. Mak dia kan nak step glamour. Korang jgn muntah mcm budak cina yg kita dah ceritakan ekh... hahaha
My youngest tembam (err more to big appetite) girl loves to watch giggle. She loves to play with her sister of coz, her jantong hati. Her eldest sis, will try her best to entertain the youngest. Sometimes, u can hear them giggling in their room. Juz the other day, someone asked,"Ada girl best ke ada boy best?" Nt having boys at the moment, of coz I say girl best kan. Coz we can doll them up. That someone said, boy's baju very the expensive unlike girls. Oh really.. i din know bout that and i thot it was vice versa. Im waiting for Lisa's hair to grow longer and thicker like Elly's.

My rocker chic Elly Emme. (another cybername) Emme = M = Maisarah = her initials incl her Ayah Mimi. Once again, mak dia nak step glam. *strike a pose*

In a few days time, we're gonna celebrate our nations birthday. I do remember those times where we received goodies at school. Files, pencil boxes, pencils, pens, staplers etc. The songs in english, malay, mandarin and tamil. The flags, u can see lots of red & whites all over the town.
This time round, since Elly enters Nursery, is gonna celebrate National Day at school. She was taught songs and she had been singing whole heartedly at home. Irritated?? ermmmmmmmmm naaaahh she's my daughter, I cant possibly say that, right? no? hahahaaha... We (as in Mak Bapak dia la) join in. Mcm dah lama tak nyanyi lagu kebangsaan, the pledge, I almost stumbled on my words dahhh... cheh.. But overall, a gd experience at least we can hum some words w/ her when the lyrics terlari hahahaaha. And so this is how when u have child(ren). Rekindles back memories. How I miss those days at school but nt the exams tho.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Asik mkn ajer~

I dont think I can loose weight. Maybe when Ramadhan comes than it'll might be of some help. Sebab it's food food food. Yes, we nd food to live but it seems like I Live to eat! kehkehkeh...

This was at Breeks on a Saturday. Initial plan was to go to Charcos, but aral lintang pukang, we detour to Changi T2. Meet up with Idah's family for dinner and no supper kehkehkeh. errrr gambar mknan takder... apersal ek hahahah

Then on Sunday, it was the twins 2nd birthday. Yeap, eLms' eldest sis twins who'd born 2 days apart. They're premature babies and were safely delivered naturally without epidural. ooouchhh!!~

Kuasa Allah, I'm still amazed that such things can happen.

That evening, met up with x-skoolmates. (after 9 long years and 8 weddings... no funeral as yet though)
We said.... a must have pix with Yuzaimi (drummer fr Rancour) so that we can become popular too.. hahaahah lame but yeah it's juz US. We even asked him to smile at the waitresses there and asked if they can give him discount. And I asked if anyone asked for autographs and girls giggling and stalked him to the our meet-up place. But all he can say was,".. nt that I am Taufik Batisah!" hahahahahaah... yeah we love to make fun of him.

at least 3/4 of us attended.. which is GD though...

Me and the wifeys.

It was a gd meet up... They still have the crappiest and lame-est jokes that really made me cried over it. Then we talked bout the naughty things in the past. Haizzz nasib la ek!~~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amek kau!~

Sedang ku dilamun membuat keje dan menikmati lagu di corong radio Perfect 10... abg cleaner nak clearkan harta karun fr the wastepaper basket ni lalu as per his usual routine. Lepas dia berlalu di tempat aku.... fuuhhh tetiba bdnku mengikot irama lagu yg kedengaran agak sayup.... dan tetiba mcm terkuat pulak.
Another malay kolig pon hum the song too.... fuiyooooooo nak tahu ape..?

Abg nyer hp music tone was playing the intro of Isi dan Kulit from Search.... ffuuhh kalau tak tangkap mood mmg tak sah sei....

And that's nt all, folks! Another song came in... pon lagu rock kapak nyer... but I think fr Gersang instead.. mak dicowwww power to the people la brada hahaahahaha best kan skali skaler dpt dgr lagu tangkap mcm gini.... cheh.. ape lagi..... gua pon on la lagu rock kapak yg gua miliki jugak KAKAKAKKA.... *mess upkan rambut jadi kembang� terhalang*

Monday, July 20, 2009

tdo ada senyum!~

It was 10ish and Lisa was fast asleep. I laid beside her and joined her in the lala land. I had only 4 hrs of sleep after we came back fr meeting up w/ the rest of the gang at T3 Changi Airport the night before. Then I watched a gd drama show at Tv2 till 2am. Ard 630, I woke up to prepare the necessary things before waking both eLms and elly up for her mengaji at my in law's. But seeing that, Lisa still zonked out, I decided to stay at home. Penat gila budak nih! ahahahahah...

b4 that, eLms was bz surfing the net and playing games at Facebook. Elly was bz singing and peered every now and then at the computer. and the drama continues.....
I was fast asleep and I shall repeat again, I was fast asleep. As a light sleeper, I cud hear one pestering and the other negotiating. Oh my... u must've get the ans correctly! The former was elly and the latter was eLms. Pak-eh nyer kalau dah main game kan khusyuk!

She named it Rabbit. It's her pet in Pet Society.

all scenarios happening while I shut my eyes but I did look back to kpo-chi ngehngehngeh.....
eLms lied down when elly took over the pc. and Im nt sure wat happened then eLms went over to elly.
menyonyeh� dua beranak nih.....

"... elly nak mandikan dia ah..ekh elly tak bley anu nih"
side note: Elly has difficulty to move ard the mouse in fast motion while holding down the left click of the mouse in order to hold on the soap and washed the rabbit clean.
"...come i help u.."
side note: this was eLms 1st to Pet Society. He has nt tried it once and that was his 1st attempt to the activities in it.

"...ekh... mcm mana ek.."
"..alaaaa salah la ayah.... ayah nihhhh" berdengis anak nyer tuh... Pak-eh nyer ketawa ajerrr terkekek-kekek
=====si rabbit nih still blom mandi sgt tau ek... and so they both move on to another activity, which was when eLms gave up on bathing the rabbit and elly wants to play running race at the stadium; her fave apart from shopping!

" kat rabbit la ayah... ayah ni kan....." terkekek Mak-eh walaupon tgh ngantok.
I cud sense eLms concentrate too much and that's the cause for nt listening to elly's instructions. Elly kept repeating her words and sighs continued.....
"...pls listen to her instruction..... click on the rabbit when u want to jump and click on the banana so that it wont slip and fall.." i said while giggling, my back still facing them.
Then I giggled too much that tears welled in the eyes... It was damn hilarious listening to elly got really frustrated LOL!!...
"... aaahh kan elly menang..."
"..tak la.. mana menang sei.... no 3 kalah ape.." mak oii Pak-eh sungguh tak memotivasikan langsung LOL!!!
"menang ape.... no 3 pon menang"... optimistic anak nih LOL!!

Then they kept playing twice.
"...ok dah mlm ni 1230... 2mr elly nak pegi skolah kan...."
elly was happy that at least she got to play with her rabbit BUT...
".. ermmm kita main nih one more time ok tak,....." Pak-eh berkata ngan riangnya...
"... ok ok ok !!" as usual the excited Elly!

sungguh kecoh!... i was giggling then juz burst out laughing..... aiyooooooo teruk la dorang ni....